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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nick Xenophon : Bila lalat cuba menghurung

Pemerhati politik Malaysia pasti tahu siapa mamat ni, ahli parlimen
dan seorang senator yang pro kepada kaum lut ini telah diusir akibat
kengegehan beliau yang sibuk nak jadi lalat bertenggek di gelanggang politik negara.

Tak kurang banyak komen-komen dan pandangan dari mereka 
yang kononnya marhaen-marhaen yang senget bahu di haluan kiri bising tentang
pengusiran Xenophon seperti anjing menyalak bukit, macamlah Xenophon inilah 
wizurai mahdi messiah yang dapat menentukan halatuju politik pembangangan mereka.

sebaliknya di Australia sendiri Xenophon ini telah dikutuk kaw-kaw oleh rakyat Australia sendiri di media massa. kerajaan Julia Jilat sendiri pun tak stabil ini pulak nak memantau pilihanraya negara orang lain. Cerita lebih pun tak guna, baca sendiri kritikan dari mereka ini.

Nick Xenophon is elected and paid by the Australian people to represent their interests in parliament, not to strut the world stage meddling in the affairs of other countries.                                                                                                             Instead of poking his nose into the political wrangling of Malaysia, the electorate at home would be better served if he focused on issues such as holding the reckless Gillard government to account for the economy, industrial relations, defence and the welfare of veterans. Good on the Malaysians for sending him packing.
John George, Cherrybrook, NSW

I AM appalled to know we are sending politicians to meddle in the politics of another country in our region and well understand why Nick Xenophon was thrown out of Malaysia.
We have had Kevin Rudd hectoring China, the Indonesia cattle fiasco, the East Timor and Malaysia boatpeople embarrassments and now this. Malaysia has a growth rate of 5 per cent and unemployment rate of 3 per cent, so perhaps their representatives should come down here and tell us how to run our economy.
John Mather, Mosman, NSW

YOUR editorial accurately sums up Nick Xenophon's worth (18/2). As an ex-serviceman living on a decaying
pension that both main political parties promised to fix and then didn't, I shall not forget Xenophon's
hypocrisy in supporting servicemen's needs when he was seeking election and then using his casting vote
in the Senate that disallowed the redress of armed service pension problems. At least the Malaysians
can recognise political ratbags when they see them.
J. J. Goold, Mudgeeraba, Qld 

A QUICK note to Nick Xenophon: Malaysia has been independent since 1957. If you feel the need
to take up the white man's burden, there are plenty of issues in this country that might benefit
from your expert attention.
Lawrence Gribben, Carseldine, Qld 

NICK Xenophon's behaviour would have Australians labelled arrogant and blind
to the log in their eyes at home. The last federal election was not one of
our finest moments as thousands of votes were tossed aside to satisfy the power
lust of independents. And we have three leading politicians under a legal microscope.
Today we have a Labor Party that has given up on our borders, and is in the process
of destroying industry, investment, productivity and free speech. Xenophon should
be alert to the threat to democracy at home.
Maggie Ward, Goombungee, Qld
Mat King Leather dan Mat Pro Seksualiti Merdeka

MALAYSIA is a sovereign nation which is a joy for Westerners to visit and live in. It has
every right to determine who it allows to enter.Last year, immigration minister Chris Bowen described Geert Wilders as "a fringe commentator from the other side of the world" before issuing a visa to the Dutch politician, who must be on an Australian alert list.
Evidently Malaysia has a similar list that excludes fringe commentators it perceives wish to interfere in domestic politics.
Chris Watson, Carlton River, Tas 

Ini pula komen Editor The Australian, Greg Sheridan

    MELBOURNE: One of Australia’s senior commentators has taken maverick independent senator Nick Xenophon to task for his "foolish or cynically self-promoting" episode in Malaysia at the weekend.
The Australian newspaper’s foreign editor Greg Sheridan said Xenophon’s call for the Australian government to monitor the forthcoming Malaysian elections was "stupid and impractical".  
Sheridan also accused Xenophon of "campaigning for just one side of Malaysian politics -- the opposition".
Sheridan said Foreign Minister Bob Carr was right to make his response to Xenophon's deportation as low key as possible and to agree with his Malaysian counterpart that the issue would not affect relations between the two countries.
"Carr should take no further action on the matter, nor is he likely to," he said. "They (Malaysia) should either have told Xenophon in advance he was not welcome or they should have let his visit pass unnoticed.
"However, if anything, having an argument with an interfering Australian politician will be of some small electoral advantage to the ruling coalition.
"He might reflect on the fact the side he supports contains as perhaps its strongest element the most extreme Islamist party in mainstream Southeast Asian politics. 
"Xenophon wants the Australian government to send electoral monitors to the forthcoming Malaysian elections. This idea is stupid and impractical," Sheridan said.
Citing electoral problems in Vietnam and Cambodia, Sheridan said Malaysia "on any measure is one of the most democratic and freewheeling nations in Southeast Asia.
"Its elections are certainly not perfect, but they are better than in most parts of the world. 
"Indeed, its very openness allows people such as Xenophon to grandstand there." 

Tak payahlah umat malaysia terkinja-kinja seronok bila orang putih konon datang nak memeriahkan PRU di negara kita, jaga rakyat mereka sendiri pun tak lepas, agak flattering juga bila negara kita dipuji oleh rakyat negara luar, tapi dah jadi perangai ummah urban malaysia kini lebih lagi yang perasan tiada direct attachment to the land ini lebih suka mengondemn seolah-olah mereka telah buat satu pengorbanan yang tiada galang ganti balasan nya. Jangan nak marhaen sangat kalau angkat cangkul pun tak pernah.

source : The Australian 


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